Marple Aikido Club

The dynamic martial art for all

What is Aikido?

Aikido is a modern, dynamic, Japanese martial art

It is equally suitable for men and women - all physiques and levels of fitness.

Aikido is based on Ki - the harmony or balance of energy.

You learn how to neutralise the energy and strength of an attacker by first blending with the incoming attack then redirecting its force. You also learn moves to control and pin down an attacker.

All our instructors are Dan grades with many years of experience and are qualified British Aikido Board coaches.

Aikido is:

• Effective but not aggressive

• Powerful without relying on strength

• Accessible but always challenging

Mimuro seminar 2015 please go to Events page

Marple Aikido is a member of the Lancashire Aikikai and is linked to the World Aikido Headquarters in Japan via Yokohama International Aikido

Spence Sensei, Principal, Lancashire Aikikai

Bob reduced

Mimuro Sensei Director, Yokohama International Aikido Club

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