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Best Aikido – The Fundamentals


The complete and authoritative introduction to all the fundamentals of Aikido, coauthored by the two direct successors to the Founder of the martial art, Morihei Ueshiba. Coauthors Kisshomaru Ueshiba and Moriteru Ueshiba, son and grandson of the Founder, seek to carry on his legacy and to share with the millions of men and women around the world practicing Aikido today the most important techniques and principles of the art.


This book is the quintessential training aid for all Aikido practitioners – whether beginning or advanced – who wish to further their understanding of the forms and spirit of Aikido.



First Steps in Aikido


As Aikido continues to grow in popularity, more and more women are reaching Black Belt status. English Aikido-ka Wendy G Walker writes from her own study, training and teaching of the art,In this volume she explains the basic methods of Aikido, with illustrative photographs, and combines the fundamental philosophy and approach common to all, with her own understanding and views.



T’ai Chi & Aikido


A superbly illustrated and dynamic user guide to two of our most ancient and revered martial arts, t’ai chi and aikido.


Two separate dedicated sections examine every aspect of practicing t’ai chi and aikido effectively, with more than 900 colour photographs to demonstrate movements and techniques to perfection.



DVDs - Aikido’s Ueshiba


Aikido’s Ueshiba features Master Morihei Ueshiba. He can be seen in this DVD performing Aikido at its very best. Not only will you see the founder but also his son and other great Aikido Masters like Tohei, Saito and Shioda when they were very young. The DVD also includes a sequence of night time shots that feature the Master demonstrating very rare sword and jo techniques in the forest.


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